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Girls Out West Cleo

Girls Out West11

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Girls Out West Cleo is amateur babe who stars in the episode called “Double Dong”. She may look all sweet and innocent to you but beware, this chick is more like a sexual napalm that can strike anywhere. In this sample photo we can see Cleo struck by horny feelings while she is hanging out at the balcony or foyer. So what does this amateur Australian babe do? She pulls her clothes out of the way and reaches for her blue panties with tiny white polka dots and tries to get quick release from all the heat in her crotch.

Girls Out West Natacha

Girls Out West10

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Girls Out West Natacha is the kind of adventurous babe that may guys just dream about meeting. “In The Tree” is an episode and photo set that lets us witness just how fearless Natacha is. While most girls would like to keep the sexual life within the bedroom or at least within the four corners of a building, Natacha is the type who gets thrilled by the outdoors and the risks of being caught. She takes off her clothes and masturbates while surrounded by nature. Does she get caught though? Find out what happens in the rest of the episode right here.

Girls Out West Monique B

Girls Out West9

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Girls Out West Monique B is one of the two brunettes dancing outdoors next to a yellow railing of sorts. “Girls Dancing” is a video clip that is exciting and very feisty. Young girls who are bi-curious may want to explore their sexuality with some gal pals but they tend to keep it on the down low. However, Monique B is nothing like that. Monique B has noticed the undeniable spark with her favourite dance partner and in one outdoor dance practice they make out. One thing led to another and the girls get naked right there in broad daylight.

Girls Out West Vanessa

Girls Out West8

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Girls Out West Vanessa is the young girl next door who stars in the amateur episode called “Autoerotic”. Vanessa likes to be able to say that she has tried everything at least once. This time around what she is trying to tick off her list of sexual fantasies is to perform a sexual act outdoors with the risk of having one of the neighbors watching her. Vanessa sits on a small brown chair with a tall plant wall behind her. She eagerly sheds her clothes and proceeds to tease and touch herself sensually until she reaches for all her pleasure points .

Girls Out West Cate

Girls Out West7

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Girls Out West Cate is a very beautiful girl with curly hair and a hot rocking body. In the video clip and photo set called “Wallpaper”, Cate is trying her skills as posing for sensual photos as if wanting to learn how to seduce someone. With a patterned wallpaper behind her, Cate shows off her deliciously naked body and we get to appreciate ever curve of her young flawless skin. We don’t know about you, but we think Cate is one of the amateurs we would like to see more of. And we would really tap that anytime at all.

Girls Out West Rylee

Girls Out West6

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Girls Out West Rylee is an Australian hottie who seems to not be afraid of anything. In the episode entitled “Long Grass”, the beautiful Rylee does not just take off her clothes. She takes off her clothes outdoors, in broad daylight and lies down naked on the ground next to blades of grass. It is interesting to see how Rylee’s smooth and milky skin contrasts with the sharp edges of the tall grass. In a way it seems like a sensual and exciting thing to see her partially covered by those greens. We wouldn’t mind getting down with Rylee on that grassy plain.

Girls Out West Annabelle Lee

Girls Out West5

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Girls Out West Annabelle Lee is a young cutie who is playful and a whole lot of fun. In the episode appropriately called “Floor”, we see the all-natural babe Annabelle Lee sitting on a pile of clothes, must be her laundry and she is stark naked. Her perky tits with soft pink nipples and her naturally hairy muff look very enticing. Virginal? We think so. Delicious? Oh yes. Do we want to fuck her right there? Definitely. Annabelle Lee is one of the amateurs that you really need to watch out for. She’s got the makings of a big porn star.

Girls Out West Nicole

Girls Out West4

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Girls Out West Nicole and her favourite gal pal star in the episode called “Fuck Gym”. They say that working out and getting fit is always better when you have someone to share the experience with. In This case, Nicole and her equally sexy brunette friend give each other enough sexual motivation to attend the gym together. Who wouldn’t want to sneak around and warm up in a different way? These good friends are so much more than bffs and gym buddies, they are hot lesbian lovers too. What else can these two get away with at the gym? Find out here.

Girls Out West Debra

Girls Out West3

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Girls Out West Debra and her three friends star in the photo set and video clip entitled “Waterfalls Chicks”. What is hotter than a sexy chick during the intense heat of summer? Four hot babes cooling off at the waterfalls in the middle of summer! But wait, there is more. These chicks took advantage of their short trip to the waterfalls and got into a steamy make out session too. Two pairs of chicks kissing, groping and pleasing each other; does it get any better? It does! But you really have to see for yourself. Watch Debra and her friends here.

Girls Out West Celine

Girls Out West2

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Girls Out West Celine has always wanted to be a part of the popular group and she is willing to do anything to be counted in. In the episode called “Jelly Wrestling”, Celine joins a bunch of other girls in a very large inflatable pool to a fun jelly wrestling activity. Well, putting hot chicks all together in a small space is always a bad idea. See they come up with all the naughty things to do. In this case, Celine and the other ladies pair up for some dirty fun under the sun. You can be sure they are wet and sticky, and it is not because of the jelly.